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Barium Sulfate Used For Coating Agent

Brand : Xiang Sante

Product origin : Hunan

Delivery time : 7-15days

Supply capacity : 25000T/Year

Appearance:WhiteType:Barium SulfateCAS NO.:7727-43-7
Commodity name: Barium SulfateChemical formula:BaSO4Molecule Weight:233.39
Other names:Barium SulphateMF:BaSO4EINECS NO.:231-84-4
Place of Origin:Hunan,China(Mainland)GradeStandard:Industrial GradePurity:95-98%
Color:WhiteApplication:Mainly uses in the powder coatBrand Name:Xiang Sante
HS Code:2833270000Style:-

Physical Character:Barium sulfate, odourless tasteless colorless orthorhombic system crystal or white amorphous powder, specific gravity 4.0 ~ 4.6, melting point 1580 ℃.The properties are stable and difficult to dissolve in water, acid, alkali or organic solvents.At 600 ℃ for barium sulfide with carbon reduction.


National Standard:GB/T2899-2008


Index nameSpecification

Barium sulfate(BaSO4)(in dry base)%≥
105°C volatile matte %
Water soluble mater %
Oil absorption g/100g
Fineness(45umScreen Residue)%
Size distribution%≤ 10μm80.0
≤ 5μm60.0
≤ 2μm25.0

Application:Barium sulfate can be used for medical treatment, and radiological examination USES sulfuric acid barium to absorb X-ray in the gastrointestinal tract, so as to develop its imaging function, so it is mainly used as the gastrointestinal contrast agent.Industrial, used as raw materials or fillers for paints, inks, plastics, rubber and accumulators, as well as surface coating agents for paper and copper sheets, sizing agents for the textile industry.Glass products are used as clarifiers to remove bubbles and add luster.It is also used in ceramics, enamel, spices and pigments.It is also the raw material for other barium salts.

Package:25Kgs/Plastic woven bags;50kgs/Bag or as requested

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