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Zinc Oxide Used In The Production Cosmetics ZnO

Brand : Xiang Sante

Product origin : Hunan

Delivery time : 7-15days

Supply capacity : 50000T/Year

Classification:Zinc OxideType:Zinc OxideCAS NO.: 1314-13-2
Commodity name: Industrial grade Zinc oxideChemical formula:ZnOMolecule Weight:81.41
Other names:
MF:ZnOEINECS NO.:215-222-5
Place of Origin:Hunan,China(Mainland)Grade Standard:Agriculture GradePurity:95-99.7%
Brand Name:Xiang Sante
Color:White or yellowish powderHS Code:2817001000Smell:Tasteless

Index NameSpecification【National Standard】:HG/T2572-2012
Zinc Oxide(ZnO) % ≥99.899.799.59998
Metal( Zn)%  NoneNone None0.01None
Lead (Pb)% ≤0.0030.0370.040.150.18
Copper (Cu)% ≤0.00010.00020.00040.0004
Insoluble matter in HCL % ≤0.0040.0120.0150.050.1
Ignition loss % ≤
Water soluble % ≤
Volatile matter in 105℃  % ≤
Specific surface area(m2/g) % ≥6050454040
Grain size um20-40(nm)


Physical Character:Zinc oxide, white or yellowish powder, tasteless.Insoluble in water or ethanol, soluble in acid base solution, potassium cyanide, etc.Melting point 1975 ℃, the proportion of 5.6, the refractive index of 2.008 ~ 2.029, the water solubility of 1.6 mg/L (29 ℃).

Application:It is mainly used as a reinforcing agent for rubber or cable to make rubber have good corrosion resistance, tear resistance and elasticity.Also used as vulcanization agent for natural rubber, white rubber colorant and filler, vulcanization of chloroprene rubber.In the fertilizer industry, the raw material gas is used for desulfurization, and also used in the production of lacquerware, cosmetics, enamel, paper, leather, matches, cable etc.


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